Jade - Eau Fine

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100 ml
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Die Sinnlichkeit orientalischer Düfte, faszinierend und leidenschaftlich, typisch für die arabische Welt, trifft auf die französische Seele und edles Finish im Duft soOud. Wertvolle Essenzen werden der Erforschung der Sinne gewidmet, unterteilt in zwei Linien: Nektar, authentisch und hochkonzentriert mit wertvollen Extrakten und Eau Fine, leicht und fast unfühlbar auf der Haut.

Düfte Beschreibung
Jade is the most venerated stone: it brings happiness and calm, longevity, health and wisdom. Many cultures decorate their doorways with jade, since care and good conduct is needed to deserve it. Those who wear it are favoured with honesty and justice. In the Middle East it symbolizes 5 virtues: kindness, a sense of justice, intelligence, courage and purity. Jade is a symbol of serenity in times of trouble. It helps to clear the mind, stimulates the functions of the brain, as well as bringing peace, harmony, and equanimity; it provides support in emotional relationships. SoOud has dedicated its latest exclusive creation for the “AVERY Perfume Gallery” to jade, with essences of rare and magnificent ambers associated with the faculties of love in the chakra of the heart. A concrete and positive fragrance that attracts fortune and success, ideal for those who love passion and games of chance.