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soOud - Jamil exclusive to Selfridges

Much more than a collection of fragrances, soOud is a concept, an idea that grows out of a contemporary cultural reflection. Precious essences, welcome you into the world of the Orient transforming perfume into an 

05 Jul 2016

AVERY Perfume Gallery opens at Printemps Haussmann in Paris

AVERY Perfume Gallery, the ultimate destination for scent connoisseurs, will open its first Parisian shop at Printemps. In the heart of the historic French department store, AVERY’s corner will be part of the

01 Jul 2016

Sooud: oriental attitude and a French soul

Desire draws us closer to the fascination of the cultures to the east and transforms perfume into an accessory of luxury. In countries where it is the custom to meet women hidden by their tunics and men who

09 Jun 2016

S-Perfume: from America to Japan and back

S-Perfume is the independent perfumery house founded in 2003 by the artist and sculptor Nobi Shioya, also known as Sacre Nobi. Taking a cue from his artistic background as a sculptor, Mr. Nobi Shioya  

16 May 2016