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SACHAJUAN, a brand of professional hair products

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Sacha Mitic and Juan Roselind, hairstylists of international fame and friends for many years, SACHAJUAN is a brand of professional hair products that has changed the world of 

19 Sep 2016

UNSCENT - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Sensations that stimulate the senses for the tenth edition of UNSCENT at ‘Pitti Fragranze 14’. An invitation to savour the collections of Intertrade Group in the setting of the Alcatraz space, where a table spreads 

13 Sep 2016

AVERY Perfume Gallery opens at Harvey Nichols in London

AVERY Perfume Gallery, the ultimate destination for scent connoisseurs, is finding a home at Harvey Nichols, London’s iconic Knightsbridge store. Located on the ground floor, the AVERY Perfume Gallery

09 Sep 2016

A-VERY fresh spray explosion with the SS selection

This spring-summer 2016 saw new fragrances launch, scents connected by essence such as pink pepper, bergamot, fruits, musk, flowers and citrus. Here is for you a selection of new and well-known 

01 Aug 2016