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The Hype Noses

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190 g
Brand Description

The Hype Noses, created in France by renowned perfume masters, are long-lasting scented candles. A singular, elegant and sensual light, the collection of The Hype Noses candles evokesall the senses. The end result is the experience of design and fashion combined with innovation and tradition, working to offer a product with an aroma of a primitive and sophisticated fragrance. The elegant vegetable wax made of soya and palm is smooth, dense and creamy. Longevity, quality of the olfactory result, aesthetics and well-being are the main advantages of the wax of The Hype Noses.The wooden wick allows for an even andcomplete melting of the wax; the flame goes out without any emanation of smoke. The wooden wick of The Hype Noses emits a distinct yet subtle noise of the crackling of a fireplace. Some people would say they are the sound of light. This background noise is both striking and soothing. Overall, the scents are unusual, unique and beautiful to see, as they are housed in hand-blown glass vessels.

Home Description
190g of strongest black tea. This concentrated, spiritual potency navigates between the limits like a geisha imbibed in ceremonies.