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All you have to know about ARTISTIC PERFUMERY

What is artistic perfumery all about?

It is the choice between common and unconventional. The choice between ordinary and unique.

Artistic fragrances exude interesting and special kind of scents that are difficult to find, with a vibe of uncompromising elegant beauty.

They are known for their use of rare and exquisite oils and unusual materials. They all have a story behind them, which creates depth in the product. Perfumers strictly use higher concentrations of perfume extracts and more natural ingredients to create an extraordinary sensation and a unique experience every time you open the perfume bottle.

What is the method of conducting research in ‘making perfumes’?

When we speak of ‘research in perfumery’, we mean that the end goal is not only producing the perfume itself, but also the process of creating and conceptualising the perfume.

How? By creating extraordinary notes that are aligned with the overall concept, merging together the strength of the scent itself and its true soul or essence.

What makes an artistic perfume special?

Artistic perfumes uniqueness is mostly linked to the way you experience the perfume. Perfume creates a strange alchemy between art, dream, and beauty. It is the invisible line that links our emotions to memories, in a story that takes shape following a trail of scented notes.

What is the best way to communicate concepts that make artistic fragrances unique to customers?

After years of evaluations, it is now time to stop talking only about a perfume’s ingredients. It is now time to turn the page and make curious customers fall in love with a fragrance, conveying its concept’s ‘mood’, its deeper meaning, without outlining useless and often inaccurate details. A perfume is first of all linked with storytelling, as it stimulates imagination and becomes evocative in an invisible and intangible way.

A perfume is magical, as it is perceived differently by each one of us. This is the only way for dreams and magic to arise, allowing a fragrance to inspire different emotions and sensations, all ‘right’ but evoking a variety of unique reactions. Perfume is a thing of beauty and art.

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