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Pre-sun detox: simple rules for a flawless tan

Sun, beach, walks and trips in good company ... summer has finally come, and with it the secret desire of getting the perfect tan.

Whether you have the soul of a lizard and love sunbathing for days on end or you have very pale skin that seldomly gets tanned, here are the key rules to show off a gorgeous tan. Are you ready? Let's start from the basics and dispel some myths:

Myth 1: Exfoliation removes your tan.

No! In fact, exfoliating the skin does not remove your tan. Here's why.

When we talk about sunscreen we must unavoidably speak of melanin: melanin is a pigment naturally produced by our skin to protect and treat it from exposure to UV and UVA rays, which are much stronger in summer.

Melanin fills the cells of our stratum corneum with pigment and this pigment, along with our skin cells, tends to age and needs to regenerate within 28 days.

Why is it so important to exfoliate the skin to make the tan long-lasting and uniform?

Simple! Because our stratum corneum is made up of multiple overlapping layers. Older layers stay on the surface, while younger ones lay deeper down in our skin. Initially, melanin pigments only colour the outermost layer and this makes our tan grayer and our skin older.

Regularly exfoliating the skin promotes cell renewal, so the skin exposed to the sun will always be a renewed and young layer, ready to welcome melanin in an optimal way:

To sum up, as we eliminate dead skin cells we continue to increase the coloring of all layers of the stratum corneum, rather than just the outermost layer. The result? A more compact, bright, young and above all lasting tan.



Our exfoliating picks

Annemarie Börlind
Fruit Acid Exfoliant

Exfoliant gel with a natural fruit acid mix. Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin particles. Refines and optimizes the complexion. Also ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. For a fresh, elastic, and firm look.

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Enzym Peel

Verso Enzyme Peel with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids is a gently exfoliating gel for a rejuvenated complexion. It removes dead skin cells, unblocks pores and accelerates cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

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Myth 2: Avoiding sunscreen makes you tan faster

No! In fact, not putting on sunscreen does not make you tan faster!

The minimum sun protection factor is 6, while the maximum is 50+. Thanks to melanin, our skin produces a personal protection factor, with a duration that varies from individual to individual. This factor corresponds to the minutes of sun exposure, without protection, within which our skin does not redden.

The number displayed on bottles of solar lotions (20, 30, 50 etc.) must be multiplied by your personal protection factor.

A 20-protection sunscreen protects your skin from 92% of solar radiation; a 50+ protection cream from 98%. The difference between protection factors is minimal. What truly affects us is our personal self-protection.

So how do you choose the best sun protection factor?

Simple! Just choose the desired protection time, multiplying your personal protection factor by a solar product’s protection factor.  Here are some examples:

Dark complexion:

30 minutes (personal protection factor) x 30 minutes (sunscreen protection factor) = 900 minutes of protection. That's 15 hours.

Fair complexion:

10 minutes (personal protection factor) x 30 minutes (sunscreen protection factor) = 300 minutes of protection. That's 5 hours.

Annemarie Borlind sun screen by pool

Ultimately, sunscreen does not create a barrier against sunlight that prevents our skin from tanning, it simply helps our skin absorb and disperse the heat of solar radiation and protect us against cellular DNA damage caused by the sun.

Our sunscreen picks

Annemarie Börlind
DNA protect Sun Cream SPF 30

This cream contains a biotechnological molecule with a tested brand called Radicare, which acts directly on cells of the connective tissue and repairs cell DNA damaged by UVB and UVA rays.

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Annemarie Börlind 
Sun Care, with optimal UVA/UVB filter against harmful UV rays

Plant ingredients strengthen the skin’s powers of resistance and self-protection. The SUN moisturising complex, containing panthenol, supplies intensive moisture.

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Annemarie Börlind
2 Phase Hyaluronan Shake

Rehydrating and regenerating. Ideal after sun exposure. Red algae combined with aloe vera and Börlind's deep spring water provides intense hydration which restores the optimal hydration level of the skin.

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All Annemarie Börlind sunscreens contain a vitamin E cocktail:

  • Vitamin E from sea buckthorn.
  • Vitamin E from soybeans.
  • Vitamin E obtained from kombu seaweed.

Enjoy the sun!