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MONOSCENT • The invisible seduction of molecular scent

Have you ever heard about “second skin perfumes” o “pheromone perfumes”? It’s time to discover the fascinating world of molecular fragrances.

Did you know that some people are anosmic to certain types of scented molecules and therefore cannot smell them?

Did you know that even if you cannot smell them, people around you can still feel these scents on your skin?

Did you know that a molecular fragrance can be apparently scentless and yet it mingles with the wearer’s natural pheromones to create a unique smell?

Get ready for MONOSCENT, the new scents by A Lab On Fire: two fragrances, G and E, with a distinctive duo of molecular scents.

Why molecular?

"Molecular fragrances" is a remarkably awkward term that usually denotes rather abstract fragrance compositions of a primarily synthetic nature that are not trying to emulate any well-known natural scents.

Based on a single note, each scent mingles with the wearer’s natural pheromones to enhance their attractiveness and create therefore a unique smell.  

For this reason, a molecular scent can be worn on its own or as a base layer to other fragrances. The wearer can use the scent alone and let its subtle effect make people lean in, or use it as a base to deepen and layer any other fragrance, turning it into a personalized scent.

No wonder if they have different effects on different skins and with different type of fragrances!

About G

Monoscent G is a denatured alcohol solution of Galaxolide S molecule. Th­is newer S type is an evolution of the eponymous synthetic musk known for its clean, woody, floral nuances. Th­e original Galxolide™ has been a must-have standard ingredient in perfumery for decades, due to its intimate yet powerful, and immediately memorable odor, at least for those who can smell the musk (remember that some uf us are anosmic to certain molecues). According to a small number of perfumers who are familiar with this raw material, this new “super” version is more powerful, radiant and animalic than the original.

Galaxolide has all qualities that fit with every accord from fresh ones to woodier and animalic ones.

Best pairings for G
Woody and floral fragrances

About E

Monoscent E is a denatured alcohol solution of a renewed version of the well renowned molecule Iso E Super. Since it was first discovered in 1972, this molecule has been one of the best-selling fragrance raw materials due to its powerful yet silky smooth, warm, amber note

Thanks to perfumer Geza Schoen's ingenious approach to contemporary perfumery, this alluring raw material became commercially available as a single-ingredient scent with an unprecedented success all over the world. In 2014, a new and evolved version of Iso E Super appeared, at a much higher concentration than Iso E Super. This new molecule is now known as Timbersilk™.

Best pairings for E
Woody Ambery Fragrances