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A fragrance inspired by the rebellious and fascinating love story between Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson.

Some love stories are so out of the ordinary that they become myths. They are love stories made of excesses, betrayals, goodbyes and changes of heart. These love stories are also extremely romantic, passionate and unique, just like their protagonists.

The love story between Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson was both profound and highly controversial, ignited and free, inflamed by betrayals and sweetened by a strong spiritual communion.

A Lab On Fire pays tribute to their troubled love story with the perfume What We Do In Paris Is Secret, an oriental fragrance for him and her. In this intricate fragrance, a debut of honey and lychee dotted with an irreverent bergamot pave the way towards a warm heart of Turkish rose and vanilla flower, ending with a voluptuous base of tonka bean, tolu, sandalwood and ambergris.

A fresh and citrusy beginning leading to a deep and enveloping wake, both suspended above a warm and mysterious base. What We Do In Paris Is Secret conveys the deep and life-changing romance between two troubled souls, evoking a magical moment of peace and chaos, shared within the silent walls of a Parisian hotel.

“After the dappled shade of chestnut, a narrow lane. After opening the windows, satin sheets. A passerby exclaims his love. Sunlight bounces off the neighborhood balconies. I’m going home after this dream. Unspoken, but not unknown. You don’t need to tell anyone—we know and, after all, that’s what matters. The lingering feeling of our skins touching. A sense of myself far away and entirely present..”

Top Notes: bergamot, honey, lychee
Heart Notes: Turkish rose, vanilla, vanilla flower
Base Notes: tonka bean, tolu, sandalwood, ambergris