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In a world marked by huge technological advances, why should we still write by hand?

Recently published research highlights the importance of writing by hand, not as a purely stylistic exercise, but as a practice that improves memory, concentration, and the ability to get in touch with our inner emotions. This is no myth, it is a reality backed by countless scientific experiments, which found writing by hand to be an activity that involves more brain regions compared to typing on a PC or laptop.

When we write by hand, our mind is more creative and can better overcome the boundaries set by stereotypes, with fewer negative reactions and greater clarity. This helps us to think more broadly and conceive tangible solutions, providing greater freedom from compulsive thinking and complaints.

So why not give handwriting a chance with THINKBACK? Thinkback is a collection of refined stationary goods that includes items such as cards, portable notebooks, and unique love letter kits, all designed to stimulate creativity and bring writing by hand back into our lives.


"The Creation by word-power of something out of nothing – what is that but magic?" (ALDOUS HUXLEY)


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