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Ilâme Beauternelle AMENUIT


By Ilâme Beauternelle

Night Cream
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ILÂME had the dream of disclosing the secret of eternal beauty and made concrete use of the results achieved with the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, focusing on research on the enzyme telomerase, targeting treatments that protect against the effects of time. The presence of this enzyme safeguards the process of correct reproduction of DNA and therefore guarantees correct cell renewal. ILÂME is in constant evolution, seeking the skin’s inner secrets. The brand is placed on a path traced by the most avant-garde scientific research in addition to the formulation of an eleutherococcus lipid complex, in the liposomal form, known as EleuteroComplex.

About the product:
Rich formulation for skins that require a deep skin restructuring. The high content of Eleuterocomplex® together with powerful antioxidants (Vitamin C and Lipochroman) improve skin tone and elasticity. Furthermore, since AMENUIT stimulates night cell turnover, it will drastically reduce wrinkles and dyschromia.

Apply in the evening after usual cleansing, in combination with Amehuile oil. For best results, use Jourame day cream each morning.