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Masks, Hyaluronic Pad Mask

Masks, Hyaluronic Pad Mask

By Annemarie Börlind

Beauty Masks
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The vegan BEAUTY MASKS provide intensive care and highly concentrated active ingredients and are formulated to meet the particular needs of your skin type. They ensure visible results and comfort with long-lasting effects.

About the product:
Instant revitalization for long days and short nights. Botanical hyaluronic acid binds moisture, making skin appear fresher and more awake. Konjac root softens wrinkles.
For revitalized, radiant freshness. Skin compatibility and efficacy scientificallyconfirmed. Free of mineral oil derivatives. Vegan.

Remove the saturated pad mask from the foil and place on clead face. Take off after about 10 minutes.

(Limited edition)