AVERY announces its U.S. online web-store

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY is the unique dimension in Art Perfumery created by Intertrade Group. The first and only international retail chain dedicated to Art Perfumery, AVERY represents a powerful olfactory experience. Introduced into a disruptive powerful international aesthetic context, and created under the creative direction of Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, AVERY PERFUME GALLERY has grown into a carefully edited global network with more than 20 stores, both offline and online, that sell over 20 high- end beauty and fragrance brands.

“Many fear that online sales can penalize those of the retail door, but the market shows a different reality,” says Celso Fadelli announcing the penning of the US web-store launch, which follows suit to the company’s European and UK e-shops, launched in late 2015. “The ability to use the internet as an additional tool is a sure way of attracting and assisting customers who also enjoy buying on retail stores. Retailers with a careful eye on the future see the net as a resource, not as competition, and are doing all they can to create bold, creative synergies between the two types of retail,” adds Fadelli.

Fadelli shares, ”The AVERY PERFUME GALLERY online shop is moving in this direction, a creative dynamic instrument for information distribution and sales assistance and for communicating activities and latest news. Over the last year, we have tripled our monthly sales results and the path forward continues as we work to create synergies between our retail doors, events, activities, social media platforms and the e-shop itself”.

Clorinda Di Tommaso, Global Head of Retail, explains the concept, “AVERY is an actual space where the multi- sensorial and extraordinary experience of our stores, each different to the other and with a highly maverick content, is also maintained consistently online. Our interface is very simple and intuitive on the product side, it offers text and image clarity while providing content and interaction with the visitor, all of which make the online experience unique in its kind. We see our e-shop as a way to generate connections, foster dialogue and share multidisciplinary content. It’s a place for discovery and promotion inspired by our carefully edited Art Perfumery.”

Now, the company’s online boutique features a truly global reach and the addition of the US as an online market represents a new step forward in sharing the Art of Perfumery created by Intertrade Group.