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BLUE NORTH by AGONIST at Unscent Land Pitti Fragranze 13

Swedish perfume house AGONIST is known for two things: fantastic smells, yes – but also for the extraordinary artistic vision they enclose in their fragrances. They shared a love for scents intrigued and fascinated by its invisible yet striking power. ‘We started to think about themes and ideas. We wanted to show another side to this perception of clean Swedish design. We were more inspired by a poetic, darker and melancholic side of the Swedish culture and heritage.’ That’s why the new fragrance talks about the cold season of the North. Imagine a trip to Sweden, going to sleep with open windows under a thick duvet – as Nordics do – keeping your body warm and thoughts fresh. The trees are still frosted. Their fragrance wafts in with a cool breeze that wakes up your senses in the dark morning. This is the traditional remedy to preserve the body’s natural well being; that moment of instant cold. It strikes you and instantly leaves with an embrace of the Blue North. An olfactory trip that lifts you to the great blue skies with cardamom and rosemary. This contrasts with a deep, woody base of cedar and sandalwood, and a heart of orris, mint and fresh ginger root. Your head is freshly renewed and your body warm with this powdery and wooded fragrance.

Stazione Leopolda
Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5, Florence
Spazio Alcatraz
Booth: B/11 Sector Classico