Choosing the best sunscreen at Avery

Are you ready for holidays? Are you confused by all the sunscreen options and ingredients? A sunscreen with broad-spectrum or multi-spectrum protection for both UVB and UVA is exactly what you need to shield yourself from sunburn and skin diseases. Here some tips from Avery to enjoy the sun without thinking twice: 

Take care of your skin according to your skin type and sensitivity

Avoid exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

A protection factor of at least 20 is a must during the first few days.

Stay in the shades as often as possible.

Wear sunglasses offering UV protection to protect your eyes.

Apply sunscreen 20–30 minutes before exposing the skin to the sun.

Go out of the sun at the end of the period of protection.

Shower off chlorine and salt water before applying sunscreen and exposing the skin to the sun.

SUN SPRAY SPF 30 by Annemarie Börlind is the ultimate trick for enjoying the sun with no regrests. Optimal UVA/UVB filters offer basic protection against harmful UV rays. An anti-aging complex, featuring vitamin E and the kombu alga, protects against premature skin aging. The Sun moisturizing complex, containing panthenol and sorbitol, supplies intensive moisture. The texture of the spray is refreshingly light, is absorbed instantly and is not sticky. In addition the spray with UV30 contains Methyllactate, a special ingredient, which has a cooling effect.