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Diane Pernet Paris: the event launch hosted during Paris Fashion Week

Meanwhile we all look forward to having them in all of our Avery Perfume Gallery stores, the exclusive fragrance collection “Diane Pernet Paris”, produced and distributed by Intertrade Group, was unveiled with a special vernissage during Paris Fashion Week. Diane proudly recounted during the event how she worked long and hard with Celso Fadelli, CEO of Intertrade, and his team of master perfumers before finding the perfect combination of ingredients to translate her emotions, memories and feelings into four captivating scents. Her one-of-a-kind look inspires millions of people worldwide, however it’s not easy to imitate or to fully understand. That’s why perfume made perfect sense. It’s a way to give to people a bit of Pernet’s magic, accessible to anyone, in order to grasp what’s behind the veil and a pair of black sunglasses. Each of the bottles is black and has a little silver spider as a lucky charm, like the one she wears. Four intense Eau de Parfums have been created, each with distinct sensations: the woody To Be Honest, the spicy Wanted, the citrusy In Pursuit of Magic, the fresh marine twist of Shaded. Special guest: the new collection of jewelry designed by Mario Salvucci. The “lucky spiders” that adorn all of the bottles are now a full collection of necklaces and brooches that will be exclusively sold and distributed by Intertrade Group. The launch event took place on the 26th at the Joyce Gallery in Paris, it included a special portrait exhibition curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo and an artistic display with special olfactory boules to savour the fragrances. The party crowd was entertained by DJ duo Adán Jodorowsky, musician, actor and son of Director Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Cosmo Gonik, Chilean artist and actor. Many fashion faces, important journalists, artists, musicians and designers came to pay homage to Diane. V.I.P. guests such as: the actress  Rodica von Buta, the costume designer Tim Yip, Gotan Project’s founder Philippe Cohen Solal, fashion journalists Robb Young and Marco De Rivera, bloggers and fashion icons such as Yu Masui, Linda Tol and Daria Shapovalova, the designers Lars Nillson, Manish Arora, Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy, stylist Catherine Baba, top model Lovey Marino, the KTZ Creative Directors Marjan Pejoski, and Sasha Bezovski, the Italian couturier Sylvio Giardina and least but not last the French artist Orlan.