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Five new fragrances by ROADS

Founded in 2013, ROADS Fragrances bring together beautiful artisan scents with innovative themes and engaging creative elements. Curated by ROADS creative team and its Founder, Danielle Ryan, and working alongside a team of highly renowned noses and some of the world’s finest perfumers, ROADS Fragrances are sold worldwide.
ROADS Fragrances collaborated with Intertrade Group, a leader in international high-end fragrance distribution and development, to develop 5 new scents.
According to Danielle Ryan, true growth is about the development of ideas, building on past knowledge, improving, editing and recreating. ROADS is evolving, with a clear vision of the future. With re-imagined fragrances and strong global partners, ROADS looks forward to what that future holds. With the new product launches, Intertrade continues its partnership with ROADS, an international lifestyle brand created by the brilliant mind of Danielle Ryan that includes luxury fragrances, book publishing and a film and documentary company.
The end result is a comprehensive line of remarkable fragrances, 10 for the Core Edition and 4 for the Africa Edition, that are bound to capture the hearts and attention of those looking for a unique poetic olfactory experience.
For the Core Edition, fragrances encourage new reference points, experiences and emotions. Every element is refined to produce the highest of standards, resulting in a complex and multi-layered scent. In the Africa Edition, inspirational African ingredients are combined with the evocative influences of literature, art and dance to create four fragrances that provoke feelings of sensual sophistication, radiance and warmth.
The new ROADS eau de parfums further explore the philosophy of connecting concepts and themes with a corresponding fragrance. e themes take inspiration from places, people, memories, emotions, artistic and visual sensations. e words to describe the themes are used as the starting point to create each perfume.
In addition to the launch of 5 new perfumes, ROADS has curated 14 visually diverse pieces of art that express the individual personality of each perfume in the line. As well as conceiving the themes, Danielle Ryan selected this artwork, which will be displayed on the perfume packaging, in order to compliment the concept behind each fragrance.