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Fragrance of Instagram

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Excelsior announces the exhibition of photographic fragrance-inspired works by Italian photographer Aldo Agnelli to be held at the gallery in Milan from May 18 to June 30, 2017 

Intertrade Group announces today the upcoming exhibition, “Fragrance of Instagram” to be held at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY Excelsior at the luxury department store in Milan, featuring a selection of forty-eight images by photographer Aldo Agnelli.

Intertrade Group, through the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques as well as its UNSCENT cultural platform, create unique cultural events celebrating the diverse aspects of art perfumery.

Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of the Intertrade Group explains, “When we perceive a scent, we have an immediate reaction from our nose, accompanied by sensations and memories. We smell, we feel, we react. Our brain sometimes immediately flashes as we fall in love. Likewise, when our glance dwells on something that attracts us, we often recall other moments of our lives. We watch and we react. Combining two senses, fragrance and visual, with the energy of amazing photography, we create an experience simultaneously logical and inspiring.”

Fadelli continues, “Photography brings the emotions of fragrance into a visual format creating a wonderful opportunity and occasion for reflection and elaboration. We are pleased with our collaboration with Aldo Agnelli and his specially edited collection. His works celebrate the power of scent through strong, stunning images that link the emotions of fragrance to tangible, everlasting impressions.”

Aldo Agnelli shares, “Some fifty years ago, the Polaroid SX70 was a wonderful means of instantly capturing an emotion, allowing viewers of the image to see this emotion represented in a matter of minutes. So much emotion after such a short wait! Today, Instagram has substituted Polaroid’s “ideal” for that “instant capture” or “immediate transmission”, letting the author of the image use the smart phone to capture a frame even more quickly than before. Instagram lets us seize the visual in an “instant” without excluding any possibility for thinking, focusing and reworking that moment.”

Clorinda Di Tommaso, Head of Global Retail at Intertrade summarises, “This project was born with the idea of showing the interesting power Instagram offers in terms of communicating the emotions that our fragrances evoke and sharing that feeling or those feelings immediately. The open edition prints on display, all 20 cm x 20 cm, are printed on fine art pure cotton museum paper. They are signed and framed, and are also available for purchase at the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY.”

“I chose the small dimension specifically to recreate a perception similar to that provided by an Instagram capture on a small device screen. And the prints celebrate the decisive speed of reacting instinctively to the stimulus, in this case fragrance. Their small size celebrates the mobility of Instagram on mobiles and tablets. And the reaction they represent also allows us the opportunity to rework the stimulus calmly, thoughtfully and with the heart. My photographs transform what the first glance or first encounter has given us in a new and more complex way to share with others,” states Agnelli.

Fadelli concludes, “With the photographic works we have selected for this exhibition, based on two moods - one more emotional and the other more metaphysical - we are able to transmit something very personal to others, to donate that special moment or instant. While the photographs are inspired by fragrance, they also let us all play with the idea of what perfume could look like if it were visible, and this already creates the inspiration for a new path.”