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Meet AGONIST: the fascination of the North

AGONIST PARFUMS has earned cool cred for its one-of-a-kind natural scents and minimal design bottles and superb handblown haute couture ones. But behind the Swedish company’s memorable vessels and fragrances lies an artistic collaboration, a love story, a celebration of Nordic beauty and culture. Discover the world of Christine and Niclas from Agonist. Just in time for Christmas, the new n10 White Oud is in our stores.


The best and the worst aspects of working and living together are…?

The best thing is that we share the same experience and passion. We grow together and complete each other in our work, as well as in the real life. The worst thing is that we tend to work all the time whether it is at home, in the office or on holidays. But for us it is acutally hard to separate what is work and what is not since, we are always in a creative process and we share every moment as we are indeed a couple in life.


How do you create perfumes? Do you start with an idea and then develop the frangrace or viceversa?
We always start with an abstract idea of a fragrance that we want to express. It can be an emotion, it could be the mood of the day, something from music or literature or nature. Something that we are really inspired by.


You live in Sweden in a place full of nature, how do you combine this with your modern approach?

The Swedish mind is very modern and Swedish people are looking out to the world and travels a lot. We are not held back by strong traditions and are often quick to explore new trends and innovations. We are still very focused on details and the geographical distances from the big cities of the world probably makes us more committed to research.


n10 white our celebrates a concept unexplored before. Creating an oud that does not exist in the field of scents. How did this idea come from?

It pretty much defines our conceptual approach in the creation of the AGONIST fragrances. We are very interested in the traditional fragrance making but we are free and we like to challenge the traditions in order to give birth something new. This is what happened with n10 White Oud that celebrates our tenth anniversary with an unexpected provocative concept. No Oud is being used for this fragrance. The Oud is a visionary illusion created by essences. The white part is a mixture of three different musks, the oud’s sensation is recreated by cypriol, dry wood, leather and suede. It’s velveltry and narcotic, cooconing and energetic.


Did you ever think about exploring other fields? Such as beauty products, fashion or interior design?

The word Agonist means two forces becoming a third. And for us that means that we work together with different people depending on what we want to express. We have for example challenged Swedish glassblowers for our sculptures and will most definately challenge other fields in the future. Stay tuned for more!


What is a perfume for you?

An invisible dimension creating memories, impressions, attractions and dreams around who wears it.

Perfume for us is an invisible wardrobe where you can enter into a persona of your own choice. It evokes memories and adds self-confidence. It can change according to your moods, emotions, sensations, it adds something to your look. Perfume has a strong power.


You are due to launch a collectible collection, what did u have in ming when you decide it to do it?

We think it is a good idea to give people the possibility to purchase a box of all the fragrances to be able to understand the complete collection and how the fragrances are related to each other. It could be a gift, it could be your travel companion.


Can you pick a movie, a song or a book, a picture, a painting that can be linked with your perfumes?

The novel Kallocain by Karin Boye which inspired the first fragrance we ever created, and the abstract paintings of Gerhard Richter.