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RE PROFUMO at Unscent 2015 with the new fragrance Meraviglia

The fantasy romance “Re Profumo – La ricchezza è saper sognare” comes from the pen of Fulvio Fronzoni and led, one year ago, to the olfactory development of a perfume collection inspired by the characters of the book. Out of the plot and from the expertise of Celso Fadelli and the Creative Team of Intertrade Group, comes a collection of five prestigious fragrances created and developed together with famous international noses and inspired by the stories of a unique novel, set in a languid, decadent, simply irresistible Venice which is found in every essence: Alèxandros, Adone, Ekstasis, Sogno d’amore and Superuomo. On the 26th of March during UNSCENT 2015 at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY - Excelsior in Milan the new fragrance “Meraviglia” will be unveiled. An ode to beauty and a subtle allegory between flowers and their perfumes. Discover Re Profumo’s Wonderland in “his” own words.

Re Profumo is an intense story rich in emotions that tie up the Authour and the perfumes.

Who do the perfumes refer to?
They come out of the novel, they are true expressions of fictional characters. 

Who is the client of RE PROFUMO?
People that can read a book with the nose and sense a perfume with their heart. 

Why did you choose to create a collection of ceramics with Ceramiche Dal Prà?
It wasn’t much of choice, it was an impulse. They were there looking at me, in all their glory and I decided I should have included them as an extension of the perfume collection. Ceramiche Dal Prà has a long tradition in the making of exquisite hand-made ceramics.

The latest perfume is called Meraviglia, can you explain why?
“Wonder is the aim of art”. The perfume is an ode to the Art, an ode to Venice itself that represents the highest level of immersive beauty. Eccentricity, provocation and irony, typical of the Futuristic movement, were the source of Giacomo Balla’s exhibition called “Futur-Fiore” “Future-flower” at Venice Biennale in 1926. On the occasion of the exhibition the artist created a full garden of artificial flowers. The flowers did not have any smell but they were scented by the Author, giving them a totally different expression. That’s the allegory that was my starting point for developing this fragrance with Intertrade Group under the guidance of Mr. Fadelli. A perfume of wonders that can be used to scent a flower. 

What do you like the most about Venice? 
I love the strong artistic power of the city, its beauty is unreal, difficult to fully understand, it’s overwhelming and there is nothing to do but to surronder to the magic of this place. Venice takes you into a journey into emotions and the fascination and admiration are the only demands.. 

The secret places of Venice and tips to discover the city? 
Walking through the “calli” the typical narrow streets of Venice, coasting the canals, you will notice how times has stopped. The buildings are hundreds of years old. Step by step though, you can spot little differences every time you visit the city, the city changes with lights and water that are never the same and the make you feel immersed on a fictional stage. You have to act spontaneously to discover it. The glares of the light evoke a sense of elusiveness, everything is doubled to another level of emotions. The time goes by and comes back, there’s a presence, the spirit of eternal beauty is like a ghost not to be seen but to be felt. There is no other city on earth like Venice and there’s no better advice than find its essence in the canals, on the gondolas, getting lost without understanding of time.