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Salone del mobile 2017 - Fuorisalone

Combining fragrance, marble, flowers and light: AVERY PERFUME GALLERY joins a special 360 degree sensory collaboration with Bloc Studios during the Fuorisalone of the Salone del Mobile in Milan from April 4 to April 9, 2017

Intertrade Group and its retail arm AVERY PERFUME GALLERY announce today the upcoming collaboration with Bloc Studios, an Italian brand whose aim is to transform natural stone into thoughtful everyday objects. Sharing a similar philosophy to Bloc Studios who believes that every single marble bloc(k) conceals a story, AVERY PERFUME GALLERY was inspired to support Bloc Studio’s installation with a touch of fragrance at Fuorisalone as Bloc Studio’s philosophy resonates with the retail boutique’s credo: every encounter with scent is a personal journey and artistic perfumery is a unique, multi-sensorial and olfactory experience.

AVERY PERFUME GALLERY enlightens through bespoke fragrances that boast sophisticated packaging and merchandising, high in design quality and parameters. Bloc studios celebrates the natural design diversity of Carrara marble by creating objects that are sincere to modern form and function. Together, the two are making a strong impact on the world of design by taking an unexpected look at the power of senses and nature.

At this year’s Fuorisalone, Bloc Studios will be featuring “Marble Matters”, with new pieces from Sabine Marcelis and Carl Kleiner to give visitors an exceptional experience that involves  eyes, touch and smell. Bloc Studios will expose Voie Lights - The Stone Edition, from Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, along with Swedish Carl Kleiner’s Posture Vases.

Celso Fadelli, Intertrade Group President and Fragrance Curator, noted “We are very pleased to join forces with Bloc Studios on this powerfully aesthetic and sensorial installation. We have chosen to combine our exceptional Y fragrance from the exclusive AVERY brand to complement Bloc Studio’s marble creations. We are also proud to showcase our soon to be launched AVERY Perfume Decanters during the Salone del Mobile.”

Clorinda Di Tommaso, Global Head of Retail for AVERY PERFUME GALLERY expands, “Our Y perfume is exuberant, elegant and timeless. Notes of coffee and saffron create a gourmand effect making Y the perfect companion on an evening out. Floral heart notes stay warm on the skin as the night wears on.”  Fuorisalone collaboration partner Sara Ferron Cima from Bloc Studios, personally selected the fragrance to harmoniously integrate with the installation.”

Fadelli continues, “AVERY Perfume Decanters are a splendid proof of the marriage of natural elements - in this case, hand-blown glass, metal and space or air. The decanters can be used to hold fragrances, as well as flowers, liquids and other items. They stand strong as designs that retain and reflect an independent beauty revealed even when they are left empty. We will show 5 different decanter models at the installation. The decanters are modern forms hand-blown by renowned Glass Masters from Venice and designed by Matteo Cibic, mounted on a brass base. They will also be on display and soon available for sale throughout our AVERY PERFUME GALLERY boutiques.”

Sara Ferron Cima added, “I am thrilled to collaborate with Intertrade and AVERY PERFUME GALLERY on the fascinating role of fragrance in design. Our marble exhibition is the intersection of design and craftsmanship, a celebration of natural stone materials presented in a specially designed powerful setting, evoking its complete integral relationship with nature.”

Fadelli concludes, “Thanks to Bloc Studio’s selected works of Carl Kleiner and Sabine Marcelis which explore themes such as flower interaction and light paths, both linked to Bloc Studio’s universe of marble and natural stones, our own fine, artistic fragrance and perfume decanters help complete this deep and rich universe.”


Where and when to see the fragrance, marble, flowers and light collaboration

Public Viewing
April 4th - 9th,  from 10am to 7pm

Martina Gamboni
Piano Attico
Via Edmondo De Amicis 19
20121 Milano, Italy