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TFK - The Fragrance Kitchen to be launched at Unscent

Based in Kuwait, this perfume house combines the tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery with the French expertise of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, where scents are created under the guidance of the top noses and perfumers. Fragrance is very important in the Middle East, it can epitomise special moments and most of the times it’s still hand-made at home, being a tradition which have been passed down from generation to generation. In Europe we may have grandma’s secret recipe for a pie, jam or cake, but in Kuwait it is much more glamorous with grandma’s secret recipe for a special fragrance. And Sheikh Majed’s grandmother was no exception as she taught him how to create scents by mixing oils with precious and raw ingredients. He soon discovered he had a ‘nose’ for perfume, he was able to take it out of his grandmother’s kitchen and in to his own ‘Fragrance Kitchen’.
Now its sophisticated collection launches at Avery Perfume Gallery during Unscent, from the 26th to the 29th come along to discover all the lines: Exclusive, Tribute, My, Modern Heritage, Self Portrait and Signature.

Exclusive The Exclusive line is the core of tfk, it will lift your mood and inspire your days. It features opulent scents, which are narrative-driven based on memories, journeys and personal experiences.

Burying your feet in the warm sand of Ipanema beach, dancing with a black dragon made of paper in the middle of the Nan Yao market. Running in the corridor of the Udaipur Lake palace, so many experiences concentrated in one smell. The tribute line is a gift for all those places we respect and admire, the cradle of our dreams.

As an erudite prince of the arab region and a fine connoisseur of worldwide art, fashion, and trend, Majed Al Sabah is sharing with you his most luxurious blends prepared in close collaboration with the finest noses in the world.

Modern Heritage
The modern heritage line is a reconciled contradiction and a olfactive shock between the past and the present. A line based on skills of searching and sculpting scent that has been passed down from previous generations brought up-to-date by using modern techniques,ideas, and equipment.

Self Portrait 
Is a visual tribute to all Artists who are an inspiration behind tfk.

Modern and fresh, Signature Collection fits perfectly with your everyday outfit