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The best summer fragrances

Freshly sprung from Mother Nature, the season’s best fragrances feature notes that often linger in the air on Saturday morning when you go walking by the sea, in the mountains or even in the big cities if you happen to be close to a flower market or a park. From airy amber to juicy plums, from sweet honey to delicate roses, these scents will sublty wake up your senses— nothing feels too heavy on the skin—making them ideal for summer’s lighter mood.

SOLARIS by Agonist
The vibrant midnight sun that never sets during summers in the North. Fresh, citrusy and warm, this fragrance is as magical as refreshing. With classic base note of Patchouli, it becomes vibrant with the touch of pink grapefruit.

GREEN by Azagury
The scent of nature, of evolution and of tenacity. Head notes of lime, saffron and ginger, with a cheerful heart of carnation, iris, and vanilla, and an energizing finish of Tonka beans, sandalwood, guaiac wood, amber and white musk.

CLOUD 9 by Roads
A clean, calm scent. A feeling of floating happiness. Clean air, hot milk, comfort and lightness. Chamomile oil relaxes from the top note into a fresh geranium and jasmine middle finishing with a soothing vanilla and a comforting blanket of amber, musk and sandalwood.

AL JANA by soOud
An immersion into green naturalness. Marine sensations and bio ingredients are combined to give birth to a translucent fragrance, characterised by an unprecedented refinement and emotional taste on the skin.

The sea and its fragrances, the water that gently caresses the skin, an immediate sensation of peace and serenity- this is the perfume of the Mediterranean that hugs the long and sunny seafront of the only big city in Europe that lives by the beach. With accords of seawater, pink grape, mint, patchouli, bay leaf, cedar, and a touch of lemon that creates a light citrus finish.