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Unscent party at Avery Perfume Gallery-Excelsior

Thursday night the Unscent party at AVERY PERFUME GALLERY took place at Excelsior Milan, a special event where to savour all the new fragrances and collections presented by Intertrade Group: Andrée Putman, A Lab On Fire, TFK The Fragrance Kitchen from sheik Majed Al-Sabah, Verso skincare, as well as new introductions by Re Profumo with “Meraviglia”, soOud with “Ilham” pink gold packaging version, the preview of Blood Concept new fragrance line, the 4 new valorous scents from Boadicea The Victorious. Artistic displays with special olfactory boules to savour the fragrances where the party crowd was entertained by important fashion faces, journalists, artists, musicians and designers came to pay homage to “Unscent”, a project devised by Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group.