Eau D'Ipanema

A Lab On Fire

Eau D'Ipanema - Parfum

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60 ml
Brand Description

A Lab On Fire is a limited-production fragrance house shrouded in the mystery and genius of brilliant collaborations with the brightest talents in the perfume industry. Each contemporary fragrance is designed by a famous nose with the highest quality and freshness, evoking ingenuity and refinement. Package designs emphasize simplicity with an industrial chic aesthetic. No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brain behind the label operates. His identity is a total enigma A creative soul and citizen of the world, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in Sao Paulo and raised in Japan. He experimented in a variety of fields, including working in a car factory, apprenticing for a master kyoji who mounts calligraphy, and restoring Asian art in Paris. Kusubayashi’s interests eventually led him to Brooklyn where he worked for Japanese sculptor and scent designer Nobi Shioya as a studio assistant until 2009. Carlos had not much interest in developing new fragrances for S-Perfume but instead decided to develop a fragrance based on his own vision, launching his first perfume in 2011. From 2015 A Lab on Fire, as Carlos desires to grow internationally and thanks to his friendship with Celso Fadelli, decided to partner with Intertrade Group for the brand’s development. Essential and minimal designs are paired with a provocative message to capture the essence of the brand and it’s creator, emphasizing the complexity of the scent over the personality of the creator himself.

Fragrances Description
2016 sees the launch of Eau d’Ipanema, inspired by Carlos’s own childhood in Brazil. Carlos moved from San Paolo to southern Japan at a young age, and his childhood memories are often hazy. Those that he treasures most are linked to a photo of Carlos in his father’s arms on the beach of Ipanema itself. After his father’s premature death, soon after, Carlos left the white beaches, the aromas and the colours of his beloved Brazil for Japan. The name of Ipanema has echoed in his mind over the years also thanks to the musical leitmotiv of “The Girl from Ipanema” to which he listened in order to rekindle the memory. Years later, Kusubayashi decided to create a fragrance that could embody the atmosphere of Brazil, and the memories connected to his father and Ipanema, thanks to the collaboration with the nose Jean-Marc Chaillan, who knows Brazil very well due to his Brazilian’s wife and the essences connected to the area around Rio de Janeiro. A jus with a Latin soul created on the wave of an introspective olfactory experience, that will surprise for its fresh, sweet notes, between flowers and much much fruit.