Hallucinogenic Pearl

A Lab On Fire

Hallucinogenic Pearl - Perfume

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60 ml
Brand Description

The mysterious, the unlikely, the ultimate enigma. A Lab on Fire is a limited-production fragrance house, a brilliant collaboration with the brightest talents in the industry to create original fragrances of the highest ingenuity, freshness and quality. Each fragrance is designed by a famous nose to be contemporary, refined, and rich. Each package design emphasizes simplicity and industrial chic. Glamour is about finding the unique and luxurious in surprising places. Mystery means not revealing your secrets. Wrap yourself in mystery and glamour. Welcome to A Lab on Fire. A Lab on Fire was born from a delicate yet smoldering mix of wild experimentation, tiny studio spaces, and a profound dedication to push boundaries. Today the brand breaks free from genre and categorization, beyond any dogma or ideology and is worshipped by perfume connoisseurs around the globe. Desiring to grow internationally, A Lab On Fire decided to entrust Intertrade Group for the brand's development.

Fragrances Description
“The air is warm and still, the sky a hazy shade of blue. Here, free of all restrictions we stay up too late, rise too early, just to be here. Here, the gaze focuses, then looks past. Here, a sense of genuine divinity is felt between skin tones and Venetian blonde, leather and lace. And more, much more than this, we do it our way.” Hallucinogenic Pearl is an ecstatic vision of infinite wonder, evoking a kaleidoscope of memories, lucid dreams, and visceral emotions. It brings us back to interminable nights spent carelessly savouring the powerful sensations of the now. A liberating sense of resurrection, with life throbbing incessantly in our veins, as pale, mocha, and ebony skins merge into one in a boundless and vibrating dance of light. A unison of dazed figures wandering around maze-like corridors and lounge areas, lit by purple UV and candle light until the early hours of the morning. Searching for infinity, revelations, or even nothing at all.