Andrea Maack

Dark - Eau de Parfum

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50 ml
Brand Description

Andrea Maack Parfums is a Reykjavík based fragrance house founded in 2009 by visual artist Andrea Maack. Andrea Maack's eau de parfums are a collection of distinctive fragrances originally produced as an extension of her creations/designs. Maack uses pencil and mixed media drawings to form the basis for her artwork that melds with fashion and plays with the concept of wearable art. Andrea Maack's visual art is the inspiration for her olfactory concepts, which she developed working closely with a team of young noses in Grasse using the finest and raw materials. Andrea Maack parfums are contemporary, clever and always surprising. Each eau de parfum is elegantly packaged in a minimal style presentation box containing an exclusive drawing. Each 50 ml bottle has a tactile cap cut from Hi-Macs natural acrylic stone.

Fragrances Description
“Dark came out of nowhere. My drawing mood was very dark and at the same time I was imagining what the modern day vamp would wear. The heavy metallic note in the scent brings an unexpected surprise whileits animalistic and powdery side suggests certain comfort both reassuring and protective”.