Tubéreuse Interdite

Andrée Putman

Tubéreuse Interdite - Préparation Parfumée

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100 ml
Brand Description

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Andrée Putman’s first perfume, five new fragrances as a result of a collaboration started in 2001 between Celso Fadelli and Madame Putman were presented in April 2015. Madame Putman met Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, for the production of a special perfume. The success of the first fragrance made Olivia Putman, Andrée’s daughter, taking an idea into consideration, that one day it may have become a collection of perfumes. One of Andrée’s wish was to enhance the original Préparation Parfumée with a collection of fragrances that evoke moments of her personal memories. Olivia then decided to partner with Intertrade Group for the development of a real collection of fragrances and let the dream begin. Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman Collection presents itself with six olfactory itineraries: (L’Original, Figue en Fleur, Tan d’Epices, Formidable Man, Magnolys, Un Peu d’Amour) that embody the same sense of incomparable style that made Andrée Putman an iconic figure for both the design and the fashion worlds. L’Original, is the first composition that was created by Andrée and Celso Fadelli, Figue en Fleur goes back to the scent of fig in Provence, Formidable Man is a very energizing fragrance dedicated to Olivia’s father, Magnolys is dedicated to the magnolia, Andrée’s favourite flower Tan D’Epices is joyful mix of spices, and Un Peu d’Amour is wish for happiness with tenderness with the warmest notes.

Fragrances Description
Tubéreuse Interdite is velvety, intense and intriguing. The newest scent from Preparation Perfumée Andrée Putman is both an intriguingly dangerous and reassuring mix of notes, intertwined in a harmony of elegance and sensuality. A refined and precious bouquet, the top notes evoke intrigue for incisiveness and value, where the liveliness of White Pepper is intertwined with touches of Peach and Neroli. An elegant mantle of white Gardenia flowers comes into the heart of the fragrance with Tuberose petals, Jasmine and Orange Blossoms. This intoxicating perfume is completed finally in a soft and voluptuous base of Amber Accord, Benzoin and musky notes.