White - Perfume

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50 ml
Brand Description

Jacques Azagury is one of the most illustrious couturiers of the 21st century, working from his Knightsbridge atelier to create fabulous evening dresses that are adored by some of the most glamorous women in the world. As a former designer and close friend of Lady Diana, Azagury helped to transform her into a global fashion icon, and thus the perfect choice to design the costumes for the biopic film about the princess’s life. Jacques Azagury launched his perfume collection in 2013 in partnership with Intertrade Group. An explosion of creativity captured in six pure transparent crystal flacons, each accented by a coloured ring chosen by the designer corresponding to each fragrance’s name: Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Wenge, and White. A colour palette inspired by the designer’s passion for travel, his scents are intricate olfactory compositions made special by the use of rare ingredients. Jacques decided to use a colour code for his perfumes, believing that assigning a name would take away the mystery of the collection. The all-white packaging comprises a linear, clean, reflective design that aims not to interfere with or overshadow the colourful essence the perfume contained within.

Fragrances Description
The perfume of purity, a feeling of absorption, rebirth and new energy. An Parfum of clear fresh notes, with head notes of ginger, lemon, grapefruit and rock rose, a warm heart with cedar wood, caramel, Guaiaco wood, sweet myrrh and a still more comforting base of labdanum, tobacco, vanilla, leather, Tonka bean and lorenox TM.