Boadicea The Victorious

Divine - Perfume

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100 ml
Brand Description

Enclosed in fascinating bottles inlaid with Celtic decorations, Boadicea The Victorious fragrances are an ode to the brave queen of the Celts who fought courageously against the Romans in the name of her people.Her symbol was a necklace in gold metal that has become the distinctive trademark engraved on each bottle.Passion, power and courage are the guiding characteristics of a line of luxury perfume created in 2008 by skilled perfume artisans. Natural and high quality ingredients are combined with elegant olfactory sensations in perfect idiosyncrasy with those who wear them, distinguished by a touch of unconventional intensity that marks out a unique collection and decisive fragrance for him and for her. Boadicea is an independent fragrance house that brings a bespoke feel to its public, taking inspiration from a defining moment in history and creating a range that is quintessentially British and of incomparable quality. Sexy, contemporary and original, Boadicea is part of a new tradition in luxury perfume.

Fragrances Description
Under an opening that gives the illusion of shimmering like sparkling wine, delicate floral notes from powdery violet and rich jasmine warm the heart of this unisex fragrance. A base of styrax, a sweet resin used in perfumery since antiquity, blends with sandalwood in an opulent, longlasting woodland base. Divine’s soft, heady bouquet is rich and intimate, dense with the delicate nectar of night blossoms, a velvety musk note and buttery sandalwood.