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Couto 120g - Toothpaste

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120 g
Brand Description

The first formula of the toothpaste Couto was registered in the city of Porto on June 13th, 1932, by Dr. Alberto Ferreira Couto, pharmacy manager. The doctor, helped by a dentist who was a friend of his, created a toothpaste, with the intention of limiting the widespread cases of gingival recession. Success was guaranteed due to the product’s quality; still today for the elders in Portugal saying “Couto Paste” is synonymous with toothpaste. The small production is still in the hands of the last heir of the Coutos, Alberto Gomes da Silva. In its day, Couto was among the first to move from harsh, grating powders to a smooth paste using a mild glycerine base. With a minty taste, it was pleasant rather than repulsive, and notably effective in preventing problems of the mouth, containing no fluoride or parabens. The packaging is still the original one, with a 60s twist that made its trademark - Couto is an international success story.

Care & Make-up Description
The unique characteristic of Couto is still the winning formula of tradition. Free from animal-based ingredients, it is recommended for everyday oral hygiene. It helps prevent tooth decay and keeps the mouth fresh and clean. Even the packaging is still just the same: simple, linear with its easily recognizable colours of white, yellow and black. Use Couto after each meal rubbing the product onto the teeth and gums. With particularly sensitive and sore gums apply Couto toothpaste without using a toothbrush and massage for a few minutes.