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Triple Action Day Cream -


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50 ml
Brand Description

The Recare DXF line of the cosmetics, matching the ultimate and innovative cosmetic researches, was created to treat the skin, focusing on a new skin layer. Nowadays, becoming still more and more relevant is the “fourth skin”, the superficial layer of the skin also called MICROBIOTA skin. It’s an ecosystem consisting of microorganisms; its imbalance leads to skin alternation and the aging. Unfortunately, the air pollution, UV and IR, hot or/and wet climate negatively affect this ecosystem with resulting in several damages on the skin. The main task of the DXF line, therefore, is be to rebalance any damaged Microbiota, thanks to use of substances biotechnologically derived from bacterial fermentation. Active substances and excellent raw materials from nature, matching the most upgrade biotechnology, help to frame the RECARE DXF as the pioneer for a new approach to the skin in cosmetic industry.

Care & Make-up Description

This hydrating, light, and velvety cream prepares and defends the skin against UV and IR rays, as well as from the blue light it is exposed to on a daily basis due to the use of electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, etc. This cream can be seen as a protection against both the external environment and what is commonly referred to as ‘internal pollution’. Thanks to the bio-technology derived actions of BIOTACARE TRIPLE ACTION, the skin boosts some special epidermal photo-sensors, which reduce the damage associated with photoaging, as well as aging related to the stresses and activities of the modern era, dubbed ‘digital-aging’.