Shimmering Body Oil

Annemarie Börlind

Shimmering Body Oil -

Sun Care

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100 ml
Brand Description

Annemarie Lindner approached the study of cosmetics to find a solution to her personal skin problems; a series of fortunate encounters led her to decide to engage in natural treatments. A truly revolutionary approach in the 60s, Annemarie decided to bet on natural products and the in the heart of the Black Forest she funded, with the help of Herman Borner, an expert in herbal remedies, Annemarie Börlind. Starting with determination and curiosity, followed by passion, she went on to study cosmetics and open a small salon inside her husband’s shop, eventually fleeing the former East Germany and moving to the heart of the Black Forest.It was here that together with Herman Borner – a well-known researcher and producer of natural therapies – that Annemarie Börlind was created. The choice of the city was not random: Calw-Alburg is home to natural mineral springs, whose properties represent a precious element and are essential for the quality of all of Annemarie’s products. “Only botanical and naturally derived ingredients, exclusion of synthetic components, respect for nature and animals, matters extracted and processed only by manual and original processes to maintain their properties.” These are the brand’s musts. Cornerstones that allowed the brand to create quality products and led it to win prestigious awards such as the Natural Legacy Award, assigned in 2005 by the Goethe Institute in New York to Annemarie Lindner, for being a pioneer in natural cosmetics.

Care & Make-up Description

This sensuous body oil with a golden pearlescent shine leaves a subtle shimmer on the skin. Valuable omega fatty acids and candelilla wax strengthen the skin barrier and protect the skin’s natural moisture. The after-sun care complex, consisting of bisabolol, vitamin E and carrot extract, soothes and cares for sun-stressed skin. For supple, velvety-soft skin with a golden shimmer.

For a subtle shimmering effect, apply to the desired areas of skin. Shake well before use.