Acqua di Stresa

Lotus - Eau de Parfum

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50 ml
Brand Description

Acqua di Stresa, a brand born in Lake Maggiore, in collaboration with the expertise of Intertrade Group, has changed its graphic and olfactory guise: drawing inspiration as always from traditions of elegance and refinement, the new fragrances renew the same message, in a more contemporary and sophisticated interpretation. There are six new fragrances in the range.  All have the name Acqua di Stresa, while a second name in Latin (and a particular colour) differentiates and distinguishes them: Osmanthus, Dianthus, Virens, Verbenis, Lotus and Roburis. Cases and flacons are decorated with labels that have a refined wave motif, which also appears on the cap. During the restyling the collaboration of Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, has been essential to reach a higher level of olfactive itinerary and intrigue the sophisticated target to which the brand has always addressed its creations. The Acqua di Stresa range includes a complete Bathroom series, containing all fragrances, and a Home collection. The creators of Acqua di Stresa are: Giovanni Castelli, a fashion designer converted to the world of art perfumery, is soul of the project and brand co-proprietor. Andrea Patrucco, with past experience in marketing and fashion, driving force and also co-proprietor of the brand.

Fragrances Description
In the swimming pool, where coloured petals float, the long summer warms our wet legs. The cocktails are passed from hand to hand while the sun melts the ice cubes.