Automobili Lamborghini

L1 - Extrait de Perfume

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Extrait 2x25 ml
Brand Description

Automobili Lamborghini has produced an exclusive perfume collection capable of stirring the same powerful emotions and feelings that one can experience behind the wheel of a Lamborghini car. The first perfume collection is available in four fragrances enclosing a limited edition of 999 pieces. The trousse that holds the fragrances is inspired by car toolkits and contains a fine hand-brushed aluminum cylinder covered in stitched black leather. Two 25 ml glass refills contain a precious extrait de parfum, which takes us back to the ever so glamorous world of Lamborghini, combining powerful ingredients such as the essence of leather, musk, pepper, tobacco and vetiver. Altogether they perfectly define the identity of a man who loves challenge and is constantly in search of a car that provides minimal luxury and high performance in his everyday life. Hence, the idea of Automobili to create a unique fragrance inspired by its latest Super Sport Utility vehicle, URUS. URUS is a dynamic fragrance, designed to convey strength, stability, and security; three distinctive characteristics of Lamborghini’s new sports car. These qualities are reflected both in the scent of the fragrance as in the packaging, which hold a persuasive visual power, perfectly aligned with the brand’s DNA.The non-conventional design confers to the fragrance a sporty, elegant, and assertive look. Th¬e packaging comes with an aluminum tag in the same Giallo Auge color available for the livery of the Super SUV URUS.

Fragrances Description
The first fragrance to be launched, it combines power in the base notes permeated with ingredients that are rare and difficult to find on the market, so as to create a blend that is complex, unique and particularly intriguing. L1 contains within it the strength of leather, the adrenaline of pepper, the efficacy of musk, the determination of tobacco, with a light touch of arrogance in the vetiver. A perfume that exudes emotions and strong sensations.