Aqva Passionale

Re Profumo

Aqva Passionale - Fragrance

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100 ml
Brand Description

Much more than a perfume and literally a book in a bottle, written by a professional who is passionate about literature and fragrances: the writer Fulvio Fronzoni. Fronzoni chose to give substance to his imagination by creating, in collaboration with Intertrade, an olfactory extension that starts from the page and ends up on the skin. The author, who became interested in haute de gamme perfumery in 2007 after a meeting with Celso Fadelli, was fascinated by the narrative capacity that every essence possesses, and in turn dedicated his first prose work Re Profumo to this. Out of the plot comes a collection of five prestigious fragrances created and developed together with famous international noses and inspired by the stories of a unique novel, set in a languid, decadent, simply irresistible Venice which is found in every essence.

Fragrances Description

Aqva Passionale is an olfactory idyll that extols the many love stories that have taken place in Venice, over a span of time from the days of Casanova up to modern times. With fascinating and seductive notes of pink pepper and cinnamon that soften into a warm heart of cashmere, cedar and grey amber and then reassert the intensity of the cologne with amber, vetiver and sweet vanilla.