Kamakura - Parfum

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50 ml
Brand Description

The stuff of legends. In 2014, by deconstructing the conventional wisdom of perfume creation and collaborating with top noses in an intuitive and measured process, S-Perfume re-cast itself with Intertrade Group. Founded during March 2000 in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the surfboard-shaper-turned-sculptor from Japan, Sacre Nobi, né Nobi Shioya, firmly established S-Perfume as a cutting-edge fragrance house with iconic scents: S-ex, 100% Love, 1499, and Musk-S. Distinctive from fragrances in Europe, the Eastern United States, and the Middle East, S-Perfume is deeply linked to the Pacific through its strong ties to surfing and creative cultures. A pioneer in selling perfumes online, Shioya, sporting a duffel bag with small vials of S-Perfume scents, broke new ground by knocking on the doors of hardcore surf shops in Southern California. The idea spread to the Pacific and Japan, creating a novel exclusive way of selling perfumes. Appealing to all of the senses, scents by S-Perfume invoke the vast Pacific: minimal yet colorful, simultaneously warm and cool, with its rhythmic rise and fall of swells, and the smells of lush green coasts. Now with dramatically fresh packaging, the soul and spirit of S-Perfume have achieved new articulations.

Fragrances Description
A scent inspired by Kamakura, Japan - Kamakura is the birthplace of the samurai culture and was Japan’s capital during the Shogunate period from 1192 to 1333. Today Kamakura is popular for its cultural tourism and its beaches. A place where you could spot a surfer walking through the garden of a temple, or you may come across a Jesuit priest sitting in Zen meditation at one of the temples. Sacred and profane share the same intriguing feelings.