Aurisse - Perfume 50ml

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50 ml
Brand Description

Created through the multi-faceted expertise of Celso Fadelli, the S4P Sharky (the typical wind of Morocco), Skiron (a Greek divinity), Laawan (a wind from Arabia that means “the helper”) and Aurisse (an impetuous coastal wind from France) fragrances are inspired by four aromatic winds of peace and freedom, protected by the fine dove shaped bottle designed by Simone Micheli. Based on precious extracts of flowers, woods and fruits, the collection of essences contributes to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation’s Science for Peace Project that strives for at scientific solutions for peace, supported by Nobel Prize winners and illustrious personalities from the world of culture, also providing scholarships to scientific researchers and doctors. Peace thus also has a perfume of its own, in the same way that everything in life has its own unmistakable perfume. The aim of this collection is to bring attention to the relation between science and peace, discovering how the essence of peace is important to science.

Fragrances Description
A sudden, impetuous French coastal wind, announcing unexpected changes of weather are soon to take place, after splendid days of heat and sun. It blows in from the sea at 15-20 knots and carries an intensity of aroma that sharpens the notes of ozone.