Beau Bow

Six Scents

Beau Bow - Eau de toilette

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50 ml
Brand Description

From 2007, Six Scents Parfums has produced artisan fragrances that translate the authentic creativity of artists in the language of perfumes. The idea originates from Kaya Sorhaindo – creative director of Six Scents and of Metaproject, a creative agency based in New York – and Joseph Quartana, curator of the Six Scents collections and founder of Seven New York, a prominent agency within the realm of avant-garde fashion at an international level. Each year, a collection of 6 limited edition fragrances is produced, created by the minds of 6 designers who unite with 6 master perfumers. The result is Six Scent Perfumes, a collection of unique fragrances who have the common denominator of being created for charity purposes and evoke the spirit of the imagination. Designers imagine, perfumers create, artists render, and each fragrance becomes an experience.

Fragrances Description
A nostalgic memory of the ideal image of France in the 1970's, elegantly modern, but strangely, still romantic, a bit hazy, like a David Hamilton photograph.