Aabir - Parfum Nektar

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30 ml
Brand Description

In a world dominated by contradictions, soOud spreads a new concept, uniting two worlds that are apparently antithetical. In soOud, the sensuality of oriental, raw materials, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a Western soul and refined design. soOud is the magnetic gaze of the Middle Eastern feeling, the effluvium left by the mysterious woman behind a niquab; extremely sensual and yet completely covered.

Fragrances Description

A road paved with blue heading towards the royal palace. The darkness takes on her scent, reflecting her veiled and elegant steps. The young prince strolls absentmindedly among the water fountains. Suddenly, he feels a vibration hovering in the air, a mixture of Taif rose and saffron that he has never smelled before. The prince dreamily turns and meets the lady’s stare, then watches her disappear, swallowed by darkness. Her fragrance stays, like a pledge of love, resonating behind her.

Top Notes: Peach, Saffron, Cyclamen
Heart Notes: Vanilla Flower, Rose, Mate Leaves
Base Notes: Patchouli, Leather Accord, Amber Woods

Aabir in Arabic is the sound of the word whose corresponding meaning is “Good Scent”.