Ilham - Parfum Nektar

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30 ml
Brand Description

In a world dominated by contradictions, soOud spreads a new concept, uniting two worlds that are apparently antithetical. In soOud, the sensuality of oriental, raw materials, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a Western soul and refined design. soOud is the magnetic gaze of the Middle Eastern feeling, the effluvium left by the mysterious woman behind a niquab; extremely sensual and yet completely covered.

Fragrances Description

Ink flows from the pen of a poet who has been writing rhymes for days. Light from the sunset breaks into the room, accompanied by the scent of jasmine. Notes as sweet as caramel draw a figure with emerald-coloured eyes in the sky: its her, «Ilham», inspiration. She gracefully enters the poet’s soul, pervading his senses with her Eden-like smell.

Top Notes: Saffron
Heart Notes: Essences of Nagarmotha
Base Notes: Gujum, Tree Musk, Amber

Ilham in Arabic is the sound of the word whose corresponding meaning is “Inspiration”.