Jade - Eau Fine

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Brand Description

In a world dominated by contradictions, soOud spreads a new concept, uniting two worlds that are apparently antithetical. In soOud, the sensuality of oriental, raw materials, intriguing and passionate, typical of the Arab world, encounters a Western soul and refined design. soOud is the magnetic gaze of the Middle Eastern feeling, the effluvium left by the mysterious woman behind a niquab; extremely sensual and yet completely covered.

Fragrances Description

The charm of a precious stone that is among the most venerated in the world. In the Middle East, jade symbolises 5 virtues: kindness, sense of justice, intelligence, courage and purity. Green shades of great rarity, embraced by the blue of the night. Just like this magical stone helps to clear the mind, «Jade» is accompanied by a sense of harmony and serenity.

The brand has chosen not to reveal this fragrance’s olfactory pyramid, which is composed by a unique blend of rare Ambers.

Inspired by its namesake Jade, one of the world’s most venerated stones.