Amemasque - Mask

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100 ml
Brand Description

ILÂME makes concrete use of the results achieved with the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, focusing on research on the enzyme telomerase. The presence of this enzyme safeguards the process of correct reproduction of DNA and therefore guarantees correct cell renewal. Its absence or scarcity results in the acceleration of cell ageing. In other words, on every cell division the telomeres (a sort of cap on the ends of chromosomes) shorten until they disappear. For this reason, the cell, no longer able to rely on intact chromosomes, is in danger of dying. Maintaining a high concentration of telomerase delays cell aging. ILÂME is in constant evolution, seeking the inner skin’s secrets. The brand is placed onapath traced by the most avant-garde scientific research in addition to the formulation of an eleutherococcus lipid complex, in the liposomal form, known as EleuteroComplex. There are seven preparations that make up the line; seven like the cyclical perfection number that has always been geometrically associated to the circle - as if to say seven is the number of beauty. ILÂME is a brand that pursues the scientific approach with a philanthropic attitude that has created a one-of-a-kind skincare collection.

Care & Make-up Description
An innovative bio-molecular complex, with a natural biopolymer base, makes the Ilâme mask a genuine moisturizing bath. A few minutes are enough to optimize its skin moisturizing capacity, at surface level and deep down, through a continual release of water that an extraordinary lattice, obtained from the combination of hyaluronic acid and alginates, is able gradually to release as the skin feels the need for it. A few minutes after application the skin will already become fuller, more elastic, and rejuvenated overall with an extension of results also over a period of 48 hours from the first application.