The perfect wardrobe - Kit Collection by Agonist

Feeling at ease, seductive or powerful?
Now you can choose the fragrance that suits you most thanks to the sample kit created by Agonist. Like a perfectly fitted outfit, an invisible wardrobe made of your favorite scents is about to be revealed. Your moods,

From A to Y: Avery Perfume Collection

The exclusivity of fragrances from Avery is now available in all Avery Perfume Gallery shops. The project, directed by the designer Alessio Avventuroso of Agenzia del Contemporaneo, traces a visual identity of the five perfumes in line with the Avery spaces using contemporary and refined visual codes. The collection of

Avery Xmas Gift Guide

This is the perfect time of year to tuck fragrances and beauty presents under the tree. From something scented for yourself or your home, step by step we will guide you into our perfumed world of fantasies. Start this holiday season off right, with a little sparkle. We have selected some of our favorite gifts that will be sure to wow.

Avery Perfume Gallery @ Excelsior

Fragrances in the Wonderland. This is the new look and feel of Avery Perfume Gallery flagship store now opened at Excelsior in Milan. The retail concept by Intertrade Group, that has been created by Cristiano Seganfreddo together with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, reached the highest level of timeless style. A shop

Nobi Shioya the artist that "sculpts" the scents of S-perfume

Why do some fragrances have a cult following? Because when they are filled with passion and talent aren’t easy to forget. And so are the ones from S-Perfume, a collection of unique scents produced and distributed by Intertrade Group, all enclosed in the bottles of: Musk S, 1499, 100%Love, S-ex, Himiko and Kamakura.

Diane Pernet Paris in Antwerp with Asvoff

On the Occasion of the 7th ASVOFF Diane Pernet Paris Perfume collection successfully followed Diane Pernet herself in Antwerp.
Following the successful recent launch in November of the 7th edition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, for

Meet AGONIST: the fascination of the North

AGONIST PARFUMS has earned cool cred for its one-of-a-kind natural scents and minimal design bottles and superb handblown haute couture ones. But behind the Swedish company’s memorable vessels and fragrances lies an artistic collaboration, a love story, a celebration of Nordic beauty and culture. Discover the

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