Meeting with Mr. Kusubayashi and his clandestine perfumery

He works in a secret location near Marfa, Texas, wherein the ’lab’, mysterious and fascinating fragrances come to life. This small perfumery is called A LAB ON FIRE, and is guided by the talent of Mr. Kusubayashi. It is a limited-production fragrance house shrouded in the genius of brilliant collaborations with the brightest 

Lorenzo De Caro: the new wave of web influencers

Lorenzo De Caro studied Communication Sciences and currently contributes for several magazines such as il Corriere della Sera – Mezzogiorno. He decided to open his own virtual space back in 2013 concentrating on Lorenzo’s personal every day experiences in life, fashion, travels and much more.

Meeting with Blood Concept creative directors

Blood Concept changes its skin. We met with Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, the brains behind the innovative brand that was created in 2010, to talk about the new take on perfume, the visuals and its new forms of expression.

Olivia Putman: all about my mother and the perfumes

Olivia is a landscape designer and an interior architect who followed the footsteps of her mother, Andrée Putman, one of the most renowned interior designers of the last century. One of Andrée’s wishes was to enhance the first fragrance she developed, the original Préparation Parfumée, with a full collection of 

Exclusive feauture on

We are on Huffington Post with our project UNSCENT LAND, the feature includes mentions to Blood Concept's relaunch and video and Diane Pernet perfume Collection, including the amazing movies directed by Mike Figgis.

Halloween - The Darkest Scents Selection: trick or scent?

One of the most celebrated traditions on the calendar, Halloween is anticipated worldwide with a chance to explore your inner dark side with surprising scents.
This Halloween treat yourself with scents that you can wear now but also any time of the year - we call it 

AVERY Autumn Scents: fragrances and candles to keep you warm

Autumn has arrived and it's time to make yourself and your house smell like it. Rich fragrances and scents of the likes of Agonist, Blood Concept, Diane Pernet Paris and Re Profumo for your fall and our candle collections from Costes, Fornasetti and The Hype Noses to keep you warm. The ingredient that can be

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