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Discover the new AVERY fragrances collection!

The exclusivity of fragrances from AVERY, available in all AVERY PERFUME GALLERY shops, now includes a brand new collection of 7 scents in the iconic AVERY flacon, this time available in a seductive and modern bronze coloured glass.
The AVERY fragrance project initially traced the visual identity of its first five perfumes based on the AVERY initials (A, V, E, R, Y), in line with the AVERY spaces using contemporary and refined visual codes.
With this new bronze collection, AVERY extends its success story to include the bold, seductive and deep original scents of White Not, Noisy Noisette, Cuir Touch, Amour Bakhoor, Chypre Elixir, Musk Mélange, and Twist de Bois.
The collection of perfumes, devised by Celso Fadelli, has been created for niche perfumery enthusiasts. The full AVERY line comprises the initial AVERY collection (in both 30 ml and 100 ml), and now the latest seven different olfactory itineraries boasting sophisticated head, heart and base notes. The fragrances have been unconsciously guided by customers of AVERY boutiques worldwide.
As in the company’s first AVERY line, the bronze collection is also enclosed in elegant, fully coloured glass “volumes” of original rectangular shape with rounded corners. A stopper in corresponding dimension and similar shape sits on a neck, with a touch of style that completes an elegant minimal look.

AVERY PERFUME Collection can be found exclusively in all the Galleries worldwide, including such prestigious destinations as London, Milan (Corso Como and Excelsior), Florence, Cannes, Le Printemps - Paris, Doha and many more.

“Whenever she performed at the Paris Opera, the Bolshoi in Moscow, or the New York City Ballet, she found a beautiful bouquet of white flowers in her dressing room, accompanied by a note from her secret admirer and an irresistible, elegant invitation. ‘... White Not?’ ”
A fragrance with sophisticated and refined notes, fresh yet warm and comfortable.
An intriguing blend of citrus and pepper reveals a melody of rose petals, jasmine and orchid, complete with a voluptuous bottom note of vanilla and white musk.
Head Notes: Lime, Orange, White Pepper
Heart Notes: Orchid, Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes: White Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Beans

“A morning walk when Paris is still asleep, discovering lanes and lonely streets with irresistible charm. My thoughts flow, distracted by sounds and scents that gather with the early dawn light. A man opening his shop, a florist preparing his stall, and from the coffee roaster around the corner comes a melody of tinkling cups that invites you to follow the intense, comforting aroma in the air: 'une noisette s'il vous plaît!’ ”
An exuberant beginning of citrus and pink pepper combining an unusual, special note of coffee that warms a soft floral arrangement, with mystical accents of vetiver and bean tonka.
Head Notes: Lime, Pink Pepper Pure, Coffee

Heart Notes: Rose Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Jasmine Absolute
Base Notes: Tonka Bean Absolute, Patchouli, Vetiver

“The everlasting charm of the scent of leather. Gloves from the past, or a pair of unique, elegant low-cut shoes for a smart evening out. A distinctive taste for beauty passed down by generations of leather masters who make every collection unique and personalized because their unmistakable touch will exclusively dress those who wear it.”
Charm and mystery transformed into an olfactory creation that offers an intriguing invitation of green tea leaves and black pepper, leading to a daring touch of leather, made irresistible by inebriating jasmine and ylang ylang petals.
Head Notes: Green Tea Absolute, Lime, Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Lavender, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Leather Accord, Styrax, Musk Accord

“What mysteries are hidden in the secret book of alchemists? What legends or concealed realities are infused in the perfumes that mark the crossroads between East and West? An olfactory journey in the Arabian tradition to discover notes that seem familiar and enchant the mind, body, and spirit. The same notes that the wise alchemist mixed at the beginning of time to create the essence that conquered his beloved Bakhoor.”
Amour Bakhoor is a fragrance that unleashes harmony, starting from a spice and fruit arrangement, with secretive and soft notes, taking shape in a bouquet of Iranian roses with subtle, dense, scents of incense, and then finishing in a seductive final wake of oud and amber.
Head Notes: Black Pepper, Saffron, Plu
Heart Notes: Rose, Osmanthus, Incense

Base Notes: Benzoin, Amber Accord, Oud Accord

“An intoxicating scent accompanies an ethereal female figure as she walks towards the sea wrapped in a delicate, soft wake of silk cloth. Has he seen her, or was it a dream? He still feels her presence in the air, beautiful and kind, and continues to inhale the perfumed aura of her translucent skin.”
Chypre Elixir is an olfactory story that evokes the atmosphere of the fascinating island of Cyprus. From the beginning the essence captures the soft blend of juicy nectarines, bursting with the lightness of violet leaves, intriguing from its heady shades of freshness, roses and jasmine, then wrapping in a caressing amber wake.
Head Notes: Nectarine, Raspberry, Violet Leaves

Heart Notes: Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Freesia
Base Notes: Benzoin, Nagarmotha,white Musk, Orcanox

“Make a wish. Write it, paint it, and whisper it. Shout it to the world, chase it, launch it and seize it. Or keep it for yourself, nurture it, embrace it. Wear it and make it yours.”
This fragrance is a succession of harmonious contrasts that evolve into a mélange of sensations. The naughty freshness of spicy bergamot sparks a bright chatter of petals: a shy cyclamen becomes the space between the exuberance of violet and the regal presence of iris. A blatant and elegant, impalpable but firm blend is exalted by a musky, gentle and comfortable balance.
Head Notes: Bergamot, Marine Accord, White Pepper
Heart Notes: Cyclamen, Iris, Violet

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk Accord

“As in an engaging dance, a lingering twist of notes begins, like a swirling rotation of scented accents that touch without touching. A fast pace that does not grant respite from which it is impossible to break away.”
A daring twirl of spice opens the dances, inviting hearty and jasmine buds into an overwhelming spiral of disruptive softwood.
Head Notes: Saffron, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Carnation, Labdanum Absolute
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Orcanox