Fashion Week Issue: style and scents according to Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia was founded in 1843 in the heart of Barcelona. In the latest decade it has always been in pursuit of luxury brands, setting high fashion standards for men and women yet focusing on the quality of costumer experience. Sandra Domínguez took over leadership of Santa Eulalia Woman in March 2006 and

Diane Pernet at Liberty tonight

Any fashion lover should be familiar with the name Diane Pernet (journalist, critic, curator), going around fashion capitals all dressed in black veils and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Now the one-woman-vision is launching her collection of fragrances in the Uk Market. The four fragrances, “Shaded”, “Wanted”, “In Pursuit

On the Road with Daniel Ryan

Daughter of a family who founded a number of aviation companies, including Ryanair, Danielle began as an actress, studied anthropology, founded the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Ireland, and worked with the UN before deciding to start up her luxury group—a publishing house, a film production company and a

New openings in Los Angeles and Doha

From East to West, two new AVERY PERFUME GALLERY shops are set to become the ultimate destination for scent connoisseurs in Beverly Hills-Los Angeles and in Doha-Qatar. Two prestigious partners mark interesting new paths, on one side the worldwide known shopping centre Neiman Marcus and on the other

Scoop 2015 London: fragrances on show

Perfume collections as sophisticated as a couture dress, whose luxury appeal is due to the unmistakable notes of essences created by the most renowned master perfumers, as well as to the designer bottles that are sometimes as precious as a tailored dress or a piece of jewellery.

Avery Perfume Gallery special event in London 12th of february

Join us for a prosecco in store on Thursday 12th February and enjoy a 10% discount on this day only. We will be open until 8pm as part of the Mayfair Shopping Event “An Evening of Romance”.

Matthew Zorpas: the gentleman blogger on scents and style

Gentleman in name and gentleman in fact, he is considered one of the most important web influencers of the moment. More than just posting, he relays stories of style, dispenses advice on how to compose a look and, through his travels, he has inspired followers from around the world. Let’s talk about Matthew Zorpas, a

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