Diane Pernet Paris in Antwerp with Asvoff

On the Occasion of the 7th ASVOFF Diane Pernet Paris Perfume collection successfully followed Diane Pernet herself in Antwerp.
Following the successful recent launch in November of the 7th edition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, for

Meet AGONIST: the fascination of the North

AGONIST PARFUMS has earned cool cred for its one-of-a-kind natural scents and minimal design bottles and superb handblown haute couture ones. But behind the Swedish company’s memorable vessels and fragrances lies an artistic collaboration, a love story, a celebration of Nordic beauty and culture. Discover the

Opening event Unscent love magic potions in Bucharest

For the first time in Bucharest, perfume enthusiasts had the chance to savour intriguing magic potions, iconic luxury fragrances in an exhibition combining art installations and haut de gamme perfumery. Unscent – Love Magic Potions 2014 was brought to Bucharest, at Casa Presei, in the Marble Hall, to present a journey

Unscent - Love Magic Potions @ Madison Absolute Beauty

Love for beauty, love for perfume, what a perfect encounter. Intertrade Group and its haut de gamme fragrances, present in Bucharest the ultimate olfactory adventure: LOVE MAGIC POTIONS, a perfume concept created by CelsoFadelli, Ceo of Intertrade. An

No10 WHITE OUD: ten years of success for Agonist

To celebrate the release of the tenth fragrance in the collection, AGONIST has created a unique and truly exceptional perfume that combines the depth of OUD with the light and crisp feeling of the Scandinavian north. Exotic touches of ylang ylang flowers, patchouli, and tonka beans are balanced with cypriol and a

Jadab, the new seduction by soOud

In Western countries when women look at men and think “how cute, how charming, how irresistible”, so do women in the Middle East. They use the word “jadab”, a word with an intriguing sound, a word to whisper with discretion, a word that sum up all these qualities. An elegant seductor, a man that likes to be “felt” would

Unscent - Love Magic Potions @ South African Fashion Week A/W 2015

After the huge success of UNSCENT 2014 – LOVE MAGIC POTIONS at Pitti Fragranze, Intertrade will take it olfactory art project to South African Fashion Week from today until 18th of October. The 8 one-off love potions are a multi-sensory voyage of seduction that becomes a brand new experience. This unique project

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