Diane Pernet Paris: the event launch hosted during Paris Fashion Week

Meanwhile we all look forward to having them in all of our Avery Perfume Gallery stores, the exclusive fragrance collection “Diane Pernet Paris”, produced and distributed by Intertrade Group, was unveiled with a special vernissage during Paris Fashion Week. Diane proudly recounted during the event how she worked

Santa Eulalia launches four exclusive fragrances

Santa Eulalia, the historical fashion boutique and atelier from Barcelona has just launched its first eponymous fragrance collection with Intertrade Group during Pitti Fragranze 2014. Four fragrances representing four moods, four feelings, four contemplations of the world, four perfumed itineraries that pay

The selection by Roads

The Selection by Roads is a beautifully presented gift box that contains the entire Roads Fragrances collection. The ten perfumes are showcased in 4ml vials, within a luxurious hard case with a magnetic fastener. A booklet inside the case acts as a fragrance menu to allow someone to discover the collection by

Blue Sapphire: the new adventure of Boadicea

Boadicea the Victorious is proud to present a fragrance that sets new standards in luxury and opulence, emerge through its production process. Inspired by the 65th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the new addition to the Boadicea The Victorious has a regal air. No gemstone can match the

Re Profumo: the king of a lifestyle experience

Much more than a perfume and literally a book in a bottle, written by a professional who is passionate about literature and fragrances, the writer Fulvio Fronzoni, who has chosen to give substance to his imagination by creating, in collaboration with Intertrade, an olfactory extension that starts from the page and ends up on the

Spanish Cedar: the first Eau de Parfum by Czech & Speake

Spanish Cedar is the first EDP in the Czech & Speake Fragrance House, it is inspired by the typical spanish summer atmosphere. It contains top note of Bergamot, midlle notes of Plum, Blackberry, Clove and Galbanum. With intense base notes of Cedar Wood, Sandal wood, Guaiacwood & Tar.

S-PERFUME: from New York, L.A. to Japan with love

This season the pop and urban-spirited fragrances from S-Perfume took a new experimental direction with Intertrade Creative Team to restyle its identity and aesthetics. A minimal visual code in which the palette of colors goes side by side with the choice of the main essence in each fragrance, whose olfactory sensation is

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