Diane Pernet Paris

The journey leading to the creation of the Diane Pernet Paris perfume collection has taken over two years and marks a new chapter for both partners. Triggered by a surreptitious encounter between Diane Pernet and Celso Fadelli, CEO of Intertrade Group, the collaboration has since blossomed into four distinctive

Avery Perfume Gallery in Florence

On the occasion of Pitti Fragranze 2014, friday 12th of September, Intertrade Group has opened in Florence the new Avery Perfume Gallery in Borgo Albizi 70r. Avery Perfume Gallery is a concept store, with welcoming, intimate and enticing atmosphere, where we can be drawn into the emotions unleashed by

Roads debuts at Brown Thomas in Dublin

Danielle Ryan is flying high with her new scents, and she definately has her grandfather’s nose for business. Entitled Roads, the collection includes ten perfume scents that were launched in Brown Thomas last week. The event took place in Dublin, the perfect location for a true Irish company. She said of the range

Cap D'Antibes the new Eight&Bob's destination

For Albert Fouquet, the creator of Eight&Bob, Antibes was heaven. In this charming village on the French Riviera, Albert enjoyed long holidays during the 1930s in the company of the elite of European aristocracy – holidays that extended from spring until the last days of summer.  A few years later the French Riviera was

Solaris by Agonist

New emotions coming from the North by Agonist. An olfactory pyramid always ahead of its time: this is the golden thread in every Agonist creation. Unisex fragrances, products with 100% natural essences, inspired by the climate and culture of Northern Europe, in which design and purity come together, each

The fragrance collection of Diane Pernet

Diane Pernet, the American journalist and blogger, has been the sensational special guest of this edition of Unscent. She presented a soft launch of the three perfumes she has created with Intertrade as well as a special preview of new short films from the ASVOFF festival dedicated to independent cinema, of which she

The perfume of trees according to Blood Concept

Perfume interpreted as a natural evolution of body fluids and a declaration of identity has stimulated the unprecedented creative intuition from which the BLOOD CONCEPT fragrances are created. An expression of the personality of those who wear it, combined with the metallic aftertaste of the densest element in our

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