The new inspiration comes from soOud

Ilham is the new fragrance by soOud: in Arabic it is the sound of the word whose corresponding meaning is “Inspiration”. A complex and intense olfactory pyramid, notable for such precious and unusual ingredients as saffron, grey amber, tree musk, the Indian spice Nagarmotha or the Malaysian essential oil Gujum. In


The new way of contemporary lifestyle. A project that brings together art, culture and original fragrances. From 13 to 15 September 2013, Celso Fadelli, as worldwide preview and at the same time at Unscent at Pitti Fragranze, presents ROADS, a new brand with high creative content, devised by Danielle Ryan, daughter of


Jacques Azagury is one of the most illustrious couturiers of the twenty-first century, who designs women’s evening dresses adored by some of the most glamorous women in the world including Helen Mirren, Kelly Rowland and Naomi Watts, for whom he has created the costumes for the biopic on the life of Lady D.

Unscent lasts until the end of april

An event to discover the olfactory and visual images of the most refined niche brands. All of this is UNSCENT, devised and developed by Celso Fadelli that on February 21th, in the setting of Excelsior multistore in Milan, welcomed international guests, such as Diane Pernet and

Unscent 2014

In the setting of the Excelsior luxury multi-store in Milan, four days dedicated to niche perfumery. From 20 to 23 March, an aesthetic journey around the store will be devoted to the discovery of essences: olfactory sensations, colours, fashion, food, art and technology become an integral part of a lifestyle experience. All of

Tax free world association 2013

Ten prestigious leaders in art perfumery will be following Intertrade Europe to the Red Village in Cannes, from Sunday 20th to Friday 25th October, for TFWA 2013, the key event dedicated to retail travel, a strategic observatory for recognizing new trends and obtaining an overall view of the international market. It is an

Unscent @ Pitti Fragranze

“At sea you can find everything, according to the spirit that guides your search.”

Joseph Conrad
UNSCENT and Roads: Intertrade Group invents a new way of communicating contemporary art

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