Roads Candles for your cozy home

Advocating luxury craftsmanship and unique, exquisite scents, ROADS fragrances are extending their range of premium perfumes to include an equally luxurious range of candles.

Blue North: the power of cold by Agonist

A fresh energizing fragrance that pays tribute to the mystery and beauty of the cold Northern season, to the great blue skies, the frosted Nature. Imagine to go to sleep with

The Rouge Miss Cake: a chat with Veronica Giomini

Digital, fashion and perfumes. They seem to be tangled together more and more. We sat to talk about it with Veronica Giomini, emerging blogger and influencer that founded in 2013 and rapidly gaining a lot of consent among the fashion circles.

The Icon: Diane Pernet on ASVOFF and her perfume collection

An iconic figure in the fashion industry, Paris-based Diane Pernet is known for her work as a journalist, critic, curator and talent scout. A pioneer of digital culture, she was among the very first fashion bloggers, launching in 2005, today boasting a cult following. She has been a digital fashion reporter for, 

Vesper by Santa Eulalia: a romance in Barcelona

A romantic evening stroll around town. This is Vesper, the ultimate fragrance by Santa Eulalia. An intense concoction to create a sensory portrait of love. A composition that will instantly whisk you away in the sunset. With notes of cypress, star anise, and figolide, and a heart of myrrh, labdanum and coffee, it shades with 

Roads launches Africa: the most inspirational fragrances

The new AFRICA COLLECTION by ROADS is an exciting collaboration of culture: where inspirational African ingredients are combined with the evocative influences of literature, art and dance to create four fragrances that will provoke feelings of sensual sophistication, radiance and warmth.

The Avery Animals collection for Xmas

Just in time for Christmas the AVERY Animals collection is available online. It is composed of a series of ceramic animals and birds entirely Made in Italy with special gold-effect plating. Every “Scent Animal” is exclusively created for the AVERY Perfume Gallery shops as a design object as well as going together with 

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